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MyrtleBeach911.Com is dedicated to offering our customers a net plus new income generating revenue stream via our proven online marketing solutions. We service hundreds of businesses right here in the Myrtle Beach metropolitan area and beyond. With us WordPress & Google SEO is a lifestyle, we live it, we dream it and love it. At the same time WordPress & SEO are two of the biggest scam opportunities available to con artists on the internet today. When you are approached by one of these deceptive marketers offering SEO services you can ask them one question to get rid of them. Simply ask them “Can you provide me with three business owners and their phone numbers in the Myrtle Beach area that you have worked with recently and achieved the level of success that you are offering me?”    You just got rid of them because they do not have any real success stories to share. Just a scam. They may come back with something like “I’m sorry but our client list is propitiatory” and that is bull! We at MyrtleBeach911.com will be honored to connect you with hundreds of businesses that have benefited greatly from our services.

 *Website Terms and Conditions of Use

By using or viewing our website you agree to the following terms and conditions of use.  Any use of myrtlebeach911.com is offered to you as-is without warranty of any kind.  By using or viewing our site you agree to hold harmless myrtlebeach911.com and its owners, shareholders  and officers from any liability.  If you find anything on our site that you find offensive please bring it to our attention by emailing webmaster@myrtlebeach911.com.

 Third party Content

The content in all websites designed and hosted by MyrtleBeach911.com is the full responsibility of the site owner.  MyrtleBeach911.com offers no warrantee or responsibility as to the content of third party customer websites including text, scripting, images, movies etc.  All content included in third party sites is  provided by or approved by the site owner.

MyrtleBeach911.com Website Design & Hosting Terms & Conditions

By hiring MyrtleBeach911.com to design, SEO and publish web pages on your behalf you agree to the following:

Hosting Contracts; At MyrtleBeach911.com we do not ask our clients to sign any long term contracts.  No, our attitude towards customer satisfaction and retention is that if you offer great services at fair prices to your customers they will stay with you, no need to rope them into a wordy contract they have to take to court to get out of.  If for any reason you choose to discontinue or move your services from MyrtleBeach911.com you may do so at any time and for any reason.  We only require a 30 day written notice from the office or person who initiated the original services.  Any positive account balance remaining beyond the 30 day notice period will be cheerful refunded within 30 days of your notice of cancellation or transfer request.  Any website files designed by MyrtleBeach911.com are assumed to be the property of MyrtleBeach911.com and the customer, upon request will be emailed to the customer free of charge. If you have a CMS website you already have full access to migrate your website. If you need help migrating your site to a new host MyrtleBeach911.com will move your CMS site to almost any host for an additional $150.00.  MyrtleBeach911.com reserves the right to delete all or any files from a canceled account any time after 30 days of cancellation.  If you would like to keep a file copy of your website for reference or transfer please request your files at the time of transfer or cancellation even a failed business may be revived from time to time. We recommend you keep a copy of your website on file. You also agree that MyrtleBeach911.com may strip your site from all SEO efforts we have both on the front end and in the coding of your website. That is our intellectual property.

*Monthly managed hosting updates included with our managed hosting plan is offered on a “use it or loose it” bases and any unused services do not carry over to future months or accrue in any manner.

New website design projects require a 50% deposit prior to project start date and the balance is paid at the time of the website initial launch. We allow up to 3 hours for final tweaks and CMS training when necessary. Balances not paid within 3 business days of the launch date or request for payment may be suspended and the site taken down from the server.

Website Content: All content included in websites built & designed by MyrtleBeach911.com is the approved or supplied content  of the customer and the customer assumes full responsibility for any and all content of their site.  All photos used by MyrtleBeach911.com designers are authorized for use under license from IStockPhoto.com or have been acquired from websites stating that the images are free for use and royalty free.  If you feel any content, intellectual material or art work on any of our sites is your property please notify our webmaster for review and removal of your copyrighted material.

SSL – Https:// Secure certificates are becoming the norm for today’s websites. Search engines like Google almost require that all websites be secure to continue to enjoy your SEO efforts on their search engines search results. SSL installation has a fee but ongoing SSL certificate protection is included in the hosting services of MyrtleBeach911.com at no additional charge. This is subject to change without notice at any time.

MyrtleBeach911.com hosted accounts are located on some of the largest most loved hosting companies servers, Godaddy.com, Bluehost, Dreamhost & Hostgator servers are our choice for both email and server hosting space. These services are subject to the terms and conditions of the respective host. MyrtleBeach911.com is not responsible for any Godaddy.com or other hosts service interruptions do to outages or server migrations which may take place from time to time. In the event of an outage MyrtleBeach911.com takes immediate steps to resolve any issues with the host to bring your website back up as soon as possible.    MyrtleBeach911.com assumes no responsibility for lost data or email due to a host server issue. Check your website regulary to be sure it is up and running properly. If not alert us immediately.

Handshake’s are the linking up of great local businesses. At our sole discretion we may add a links/friends page to your website and link your site up with other great related businesses in the area. This practice is a benefit to all of our customers. By hiring MyrtleBeach911.com to build, host and SEO your website you are agreeing that we may share a link to your site from any of our other customers. Ask the webmaster why this is a benefit.

SEO: At MyrtleBeach911.com we have thousands of first page Google results for our customers. This is achieved first by only working with quality businesses and initially setting up your new website to be Google Friendly for Googlebot to index your new Myrtle Beach website accurately. Hosted customers enjoy continued SEO efforts that include many additional factors. Please note that some of these additional features & initial components must be stripped by us from your site before you move to another host. You do not own these components and they are a part of your hosting service. Furthermore submissions to search engine and ownership of your website will automatically removed by the search engine and not MyrtleBeach911.com.

Real Client Testimonials

We had a website for over 10 years and it only offered us a weak presence on the web. We switched to MB 911 and now enjoy a top 5 Google search position for our sites primary keywords. Life changing now that over 80% of our new business comes from the website.

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